Ransomware Alert - DON’T CLICK that Link! [Guest Post]

Guest post by Inspired eLearning

While most of the world was out celebrating Mother’s Day weekend, the cyber world was up in arms as a massive ransomware attack went viral. From Shadow Broker’s leaked NSA exploits, Wana Decrypt0r, aka “WannaCry”, was born. This ransomware attack starts from a phishing email with a malicious link to a malware payload. When clicked, the malware starts to automatically download itself onto your computer in the background. While you are scratching your head wondering what just happened, the malware is simultaneously digging its way through your computer to access and encrypt important files as well as seeking out other vulnerable computers in your network so that it can spawn itself across systems.

To read the full Inspired eLearning blog post on the WannaCry attack, go here.

Below is a quick video to give you more information on ransomware and best practices to follow if your computer systems are infected by malware.

This is a guest post from Inspired eLearning. Inspired eLearning is dedicated to delivering the highest quality enterprise educational products that transform corporate culture, nurture and enhance workforce skills, and deliver maximum ROI for the corporate education budget. They offer turn-key security awareness and compliance programs that include fully customizable off-the-shelf cyber security and compliance training, PhishProof phishing assessment software, custom courseware design and development, content integration, and a fully hosted web-based eLearning course delivery and tracking system using the iLMS (Inspired Learning Management System).

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