Disaster Recovery Planning - Protecting Your Business’ Critical Data from Ransomware

To continue with my disaster recovery planning series, I would like to give you a recent real world example of why your business should have off-site protected backups of your data.

New Cyber Attacks

A little over a week ago, the WannaCrypt ransomware attack made headlines by encrypting the data of hospitals, businesses, and even government agencies and then asking them for a ransom. Without a secure off-site backup, some of these organizations have had their data held hostage, and have been asked to pay a ransom to get it back. If they comply and pay the ransom, they can only hope that the criminals will decrypt their data as there is never any guarantee.

This is not an unprecedented event by any means. In fact, these types of ransomware attacks are happening all the time and on a much larger scale as cyber criminals are able to make exploits wormable. This means that hackers are able to easily infect many machines on a network in order to gain access to numerous devices.

In addition, cyber criminals have changed tactics in recent years. Rather than focusing on large enterprises, they are also targeting small to medium sized businesses because many of them lack a level of security that a large enterprise might have. This makes off-site protected backups for your business essential.

Backup Your Data at a Safe Off-Site Location

WannaCrypt is only a recent example and good reminder of why you should be backing up your data to a safe off-site location. In the era of cloud storage, there shouldn’t be any barriers to not protect your business’ most precious asset, its data.

Protect Your Business Data

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