The Benefits of Joining the Jungle Disk Reseller and Referral Program

I had a really good meeting recently with a prospective customer who had an excellent question, “What’s the difference between reselling and referring business to Jungle Disk, and what are the pro’s and con’s?” I was really happy he asked because I spend a good part of my days explaining one or the other. The answer isn’t too complicated, but is a pretty standard tech response, “Well, it depends…”

Jungle Disk Reseller Program

Reselling Jungle Disk would mean that you would open an account and add your own customers to that account. You would be responsible for paying the bill from Jungle Disk, and you would bill your customers directly at your own specified price. This means you can take our product and add your own margin if you choose. The margin varies depending on how the reseller is looking at offering the product. For example, reseller A may look to bundle our encrypted backups with their own set of services they provide monthly for their customers. While reseller B, may offer our product as an add-on to their existing product suite. It’s completely up to the reseller and each one has a different rationale of what makes more fiscal sense for them and their customers. The only catch to reselling is that the customer is YOUR customer, and you, as the reseller, are Jungle Disk’s customer. So, should your customer need support, they would need to contact you. You would be responsible for providing support to your customers. Jungle Disk is responsible for providing support to you as the reseller.

The Reseller program at Jungle Disk is a really good option for Managed Service Provides (MSP’s) and IT companies who need a reliable data security suite that just works with very little maintenance. Since the price point is so low, it’s easy to add your own margin as it exists.

Jungle Disk Referral Program

Of course, if supporting customers isn’t what you do or you don’t have the resources to support your customers, we also have a Referral Program that you may want to consider. In this scenario, you would be incentivised to refer customers monetarily, as you will receive a one-time payment of a percentage of their average monthly bill. How much of a referral payment you receive depends on which type of payment plan you prefer and how long the customer is committed to staying with Jungle Disk. We give you a few options, and if you are interested in seeing what they are, feel free to email me directly. In this model, we consider you more-or-less a “sales representative” of Jungle Disk, and thus, your customer is our customer, and our responsibility to support. However, instead of receiving an ongoing margin from your customer, you will receive a one-time pay out. This is a really good option for business or IT consultants, existing customers who see themselves referring other folks to Jungle Disk frequently, or other entities who aren’t necessarily in the business of IT support, but who do find themselves acting as a resource to other businesses.

Either option can be fruitful for your business. It just depends on what you do and how you prefer to manage the product suite. Either way, the data security suite is valuable, relevant for every business and incredibly simple to maintain. Regardless which direction you choose to partner with Jungle Disk, you can feel confident you have partnered with a reliable company in Jungle Disk. For more information, feel free to check out our Jungle Disk Reseller and Channel page and schedule a demo.

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