New Software Version Boosts Online Backup to Perform 4x Faster

We’re continuing our software release cadence and providing two important improvements with today’s announcement of version 3.21 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The new software version is now available to download at or by logging into the admin control panel at

  1. Time to complete an average backup job has been reduced by 75% from 3 hours to 45 minutes. Faster backups not only save time, they also increase reliability as time-out errors are a top reason backup jobs fail.
  2. All communications have been updated to TLS 1.2 ensuring that we continue to meet PCI 3.1 secure communications controls and other compliance requirements far into the future.

So, What’s new in 3.21?

Performance & Speed

The biggest enhancements in this release focus on our backup engine and the underlying functionality that supports it. Principally, we’ve optimized the interactions between the application’s embedded databases and the core application logic that makes Jungle Disk work. These embedded databases store and persist vital information about backup vaults, sync folders, locally cached network drive data and more. To demonstrate the boost in performance that stem from the optimizations, I’ll use some data from a test that I recently ran.

The scenario for the test was an initial backup, the first time a backup job is run. This scenario is the longest backup job in the lifecycle of a backup vault because all the files/folders/data have to get uploaded, subsequent runs of the backup only upload the changed portions of files, and take less time to complete. The test was configured to backup 110k files, mostly documents, which represented about 25 GB worth of data. The results were compelling, to say the least:

Backup Test #1 - Current Version (3.20.1):

  • Total Duration: 2 hours, 57 minutes

Backup Test #2 - Today’s New Release Version: (3.21.0)

  • Total Duration: 44 minutes, 15 seconds

As this test demonstrates, the optimizations included in version 3.21 have the potential to make backups faster by 75%! This is just one example, so results could vary based off of data sets configured for different backups. Further, these optimizations could have similar reductions in duration of backup cleanup jobs (removing expired data from a backup vault).

The other embedded databases used in Jungle Disk also got similar optimization treatments. The Sync database, for example, will be able to more quickly traverse a local Sync folder and check it for changed data that needs to be uploaded and synced with other remote devices.


For version 3.21, we performed a full audit of our codebase and how it communicates with external resources. The results of this activity yielded multiple security enhancements that are included in this release. All HTTP requests to external resources are now made over HTTPS. All HTTPS connections, both incoming and outgoing, enforce the use of TLS 1.2 when negotiating the secure connection.

I am overjoyed to deliver this update to our customers, I believe this release represents a leap forward for us and our commitment to producing and shipping the best backup software for small businesses.

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