What Should I Do If My Computer with Jungle Disk Installed is Lost or Stolen?

If you should fall victim to computer theft, it is very important to take immediate action to safeguard data stored in your Jungle Disk account! If the account is still logged in, whoever stole the machine could possibly access your information, modify or remove it.

The first thing you (or your account administrator) will need to do is to log into secure.jungledisk.com with your administrator email address and password. Once logged in, you will need to manage your users by going to the users dropdown and clicking on “manage users.” Then click on the username of the user whose computer was stolen or lost. You will need to delete or deactivate this user and remove all disk permissions for this user. This will prevent an unknown user from accessing any critical data that may or may not be stored on your Jungle Disk account.

A few more security tips to think about to better protect your data and Jungle Disk account:

  • Never share your login with other users. They will have the same user permissions and will be able to access all the same information. This could lead to huge problems later on. Give everyone their own user login!

  • Remember your passwords. The most frustrating thing you can do when something goes wrong is to forget your passwords. When something goes wrong, fast and decisive action must be taken and if you have to bother Brenda from Accounting for your Jungle Disk password, you won’t have a good time and may not be able to act fast enough.

  • If you have multiple people accessing the same network drive all the time, you should be backing that drive up! All it takes is one person to accidentally delete or drag and drop a massive directory to somewhere else for the rest of the office to lose productivity until it’s figured out.

  • Talk to your employees about security of their hardware. Don’t let them leave it in their cars or at their desks without locking their workstations. It is always good to physically lock a computer to a desk if using a laptop. Also, warn your employees of the dangers around plugging in an USB drives they find on the ground. You never know if there is a virus on the USB drive that could infect your computer.

Please reach out if the Jungle Disk support team can help you in the unfortunate event that your computer is stolen or lost. We want to help make sure your business critical data is safe!

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