If You Don’t Get an Internship Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

By: Tanya Nair

Everyone has that quintessential “I don’t know what I am doing” feeling once they begin a new job. Working as an intern straight after my first year of university made me feel this way to an exceeded extent. In fact, my feelings decided to kick in the night before my first day at Jungle Disk. I felt both extremely nervous and excited. However, obtaining my own desk, monitor and comfortable swivel chair certainly made up for all the additional anxiety I was feeling on my first day.

Trinity University and Students + Startups

Through Trinity University's great entrepreneurship program, Students + Startups, students like myself are able to achieve Trinity’s core values of discovery, excellence, impact, the individual and community. As an international student from Tanzania, the opportunity to work for a startup in San Antonio will allow me to exchange ideas and views with other colleagues and employers, develop independence and become proficient in the given area of work, whilst also gaining practical work experience in the United States.

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be Famous

One of my future professional goals is to be able to start my own counseling practice as a clinical psychologist, inclined for psychotherapy and mental health counseling aimed for those struggling with learning disabilities, autism, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. So how does this relate to a data security startup? I believe working for a startup like Jungle Disk will allow me to get a feel of what it really looks like to run a small business including critical aspects of the business such as new customer acquisition, marketing and competition. Furthermore, it will also have a positive impact on me as it will familiarize and introduce me to what is expected in the professional world, as it provides the opportunity for the equivalence of a full-time job. Not only will this opportunity expose me to market, product and failure risks but also give me the chance to see the benefits such as, diverse responsibilities, flexibility and a unique growth opportunity for the future encounters I may have with my own startup.

As a marketing intern at Jungle Disk, I have already learned that the Pragmatic Marketing Framework supports my goals and objectives through the 10-week program. Using the Pragmatic Marketing Framework will allow me to have an additional concrete and professional way to achieve my goals. During my internship, I will mainly focus on four areas: research around the buying process, customer acquisition, thought leadership and competitive landscape. Focusing on these key areas as they relate to marketing will help me play an active role on the Jungle Disk marketing team and accomplish goals such as increasing Jungle Disk’s organic search performance on Google and executing new digital marketing programs to raise Jungle Disk’s awareness in the market.

Growing both professionally and personally is my overall desired goal after completing my 10-week internship at Jungle Disk. I crave to be challenged in ways that will increase my mindset to be able to think in innovative ways. I also want to be able to have a better grasp on understanding the professionalism of a company which will allow me to stand as a better candidate when applying for future jobs. It is very competitive in the professional world and it will only continue to increase. The earlier I become acquainted with what is anticipated for the development of my own small business, the more successful it will be. I would like to say a special thank you to Bret, Christina and Grant for making everything possible. I am exceptionally thankful to be apart of the Jungle Disk team. :)

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