Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 with Jungle Disk

A lot of customers are migrating to the Microsoft Office 365 suite to get professional email and take advantage of the online storage you can get with OneDrive (which you should then back up using Jungle Disk). Good news, The Office 365 suite is something that you can now purchase through Jungle Disk as part of our data security suite and in turn can help you manage and even migrate data.

Moving to a new productivity platform can seem daunting, so I wanted to go over a few things that you would need to either get started with Office 365, migrate your current Office 365 account to Jungle Disk or move from your existing platform to Office 365.

Secure a Domain

The first thing that you would need, if you do not have it already, is a domain for your business. For example, jungledisk.com. Once you have a domain and you are a customer that does not currently have an account with Office 365, the Jungle Disk team would work with Microsoft to set that up for you.

Existing Office 365 Account

If you currently have an Office 365 account with Microsoft directly, it is a click of a link that we send you to get your account moved over to Jungle Disk and have it managed by our team of experts. If you have a direct Office 365 account, depending on what licenses you currently have with them, we would love to have a conversation with you to see if we can even save you money by switching your account to us and helping manage that for you. A few of the perks for going with this option include the ability to utilize Jungle Disk support and also streamlining your billing for Office 365 and Jungle Disk services into one invoice.

Existing mail over to Office 365

Some customers currently have an in-house exchange account, Google G Suite account or other email platform in place. Moving over to Office 365 does not have to be something that you do alone. There are many things to consider before making a change like that and we would love to help you plan that out if you are thinking about moving over to an account with us.

A few things to consider are:

  • DNS Host
  • Current MX records set up
  • Destination account in place and set up
  • How are you going to get the mail moved over to new account (if needed)
  • When is the cut off going to be to the new accounts
  • Are there any devices or mail applications connected to the mailboxes? (Phones, Mail Clients, Tablets, etc.)

These are all things that we can likely help with. Remember - the more prepared you are, the easier the transition will be for you and the rest of the users in your organization. Let us help you with your migration plans to make sure you have all angles covered. Migrating to a new technology platform doesn’t have to be scary or painful for you or your business, let us help make your transition easy while also saving your business money at the same time!

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