Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - Data Security en Español

Jungle Disk Intern, Thalia Cedeno

I started interning for Jungle Disk on June 1st, which was a little later than the other Trinity University students in the Students + Startups program. I started my internship late because I was lucky to be a part of a study abroad program in France, which ended later than Trinity University’s semester. I was scared that catching up would be challenging but with the help of Jungle Disk’s team as well as some fellow interns, Tanya Nair and Sarah Scott, settling in on my first day wasn’t hard at all.

The first thing I did when I got to the office just like everybody else was build my desk from scratch. In the end, I can say that it wasn’t as hard as it looked and, of course, I got help from the other interns who had already built their desks a few days before. The experience was rewarding because it always feels good to make something with your hands, especially if it will be of great use to you. In this case, I couldn’t be productive in my internship without a desk! The process wasn’t as perfect as it sounds though; a little extra strength resulted in one of the nails overpassing the wooden board and breaking the surface of the desk. I had to hammer the nail back in so that it wouldn’t stick out of the desk and now everything is in the right level. However, you can still see the nail slightly peeking out of the wood as well as a small hole in the desk. Nothing my monitor or laptop can’t cover!

After I got situated at my desk, I started researching Jungle Disks competitors in order to get a feel of the industry as well as some of the terminology that is involved in the business which includes some technological terms that I didn’t understand at first sight and I had to look up.

That particular Thursday and first day of the month of June, there was a company meeting scheduled for two hours. I felt that it was convenient to experience this on the first day of the internship because it gave me a more detailed understanding of the business itself as well as the industry in which Jungle Disk operates in. I was surprised on how detailed the information presented by the different departments was and I felt it created a sense of unity. It was very interesting to observe how the team collaborated, worked together, and contributed ideas and opinions.

After having the first day under my belt, I started to think more about what my specific goals were for the duration of my internship as well as the project I will be assigned to during my time here at Jungle Disk. I will be primarily focusing on translating the company’s website from English to Spanish. To do this, I will work with programs like Atom and GitHub which I am super excited to learn how to use. Based on my research, there doesn’t seems to be many direct competitors that have their website translated to Spanish so this project will be a very interesting opportunity and hopefully a new advantage for Jungle Disk’s online presence.

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