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Jungle Disk Blog Digest, May

Summer is here and the data security world is heating up! The WannaCry ransomware attack that hit in mid-May has been drawing worldwide attention to the topic of cybersecurity. Fortunately, preventing a malware attack can be fairly easy with the right information and technology in place. In related cybersecurity news, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a new website with tips for small businesses. Check out our CEO Bret Piatt’s perspective on how the FTC Computer Security Basics relate to Jungle Disk customers. To close out Spring with a bang, we rolled out a new version of the Jungle Disk software (3.21), which features 4x faster backup and enhanced TLS 1.2 security. You can read more May news below, including how to avoid phishing attacks, tips for staying safe online and veteran entrepreneurship with Cyber Talk Radio!

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