Cloud Backup Prices: Considerations When Choosing Cloud Backup

Jungle Disk is easily one of, if not, THE best value for the price in the cloud backup market. At $4/user/month to backup a personal machine and $5/server/month to backup a server, it’s tough to find a competitor who can hang price wise. Despite being the best bang for your buck, we still get a ton of questions from customers asking how they can lower their bill or affect their bill, in general.

Since Jungle Disk encrypted backups are a true cloud-based billing model, they function on a utility basis. This means billing is based upon what you are using, not what you may use. So, instead of purchasing “blocks” of storage, for example, Jungle Disk will take a snapshot of the actual space you are using in terms of storage and bill you for what is live at the end of your billing cycle. Purchasing “blocks” of storage may make sense at the beginning, but if you’re anything like me, you detest the unavoidable “cannot complete backup” error when you have exhausted your allotted storage. There is nothing more annoying than being reminded that you are going to have to spend more money after you’ve already made a purchase, am I right? What if you are under your pre-purchased blocks? There is no error message that says, “can complete backup and refunding you for storage that you’re not using.” We really think utility storage pricing is the best way to go. It’s easier for you to manage both price-wise, but also resource-wise. Thus, at any time, you can reset retention periods for your backups to retain more data or not, based on your preferences. The control of your prices from month to month is completely in your hands.

Speaking of resources, bandwidth can affect pricing for backups in a couple of really crucial ways. If your Internet provider charges you every time you max out your bandwidth, then it’s really important to consider breaking up your data into manageable chunks upon your first backup and for account management, in general. Jungle Disk offers a key feature in bandwidth limiting that will allow you to manage how much of your bandwidth it uses, to make sure that bandwidth is available for other applications like web browsing, VOIP and games. You can even change those settings without interrupting transfers in progress. This can be huge, if your Internet provider is charging you for increased bandwidth usage.

The other big option to consider is compression rate. Jungle Disk prices you after compression, again, for the storage you’re actually using. Many, if not most, of our competitors charge you based on raw data. After your data compresses, your account is taking up less storage than what you are being charged. Generally, we estimate that your data compresses up to 50 percent, but of course, it depends on your file type. For example, a .mov or high resolution picture is not going to compress as much as a .doc or .txt file. That’s why we always recommend that new customers take advantage of our 30 day free trial (when we offer it) because then you have 30 days to test your compression rates without being charged. Compression could literally cut your bill in half!

Simply put, if you are comparing Jungle Disk to any other backups provider out there, allow me to put your fears to rest…there is no other product built with as much flexibility and cost effectiveness in mind. We know it’s the small to medium size businesses who need the highest level of protection at as low of a cost as possible. We are here to help keep your business critical data safe without breaking the bank!

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