The Benefits of Having Multiple Users and Specific User Permissions with Your Cloud Backup Software

In an office environment, there will always be a need to separate important data from specific users. Different departments have their own separate set of data that may be sensitive for other users to view; from important HR documents to accounting/financial spreadsheets. For this functionality, you need a software that can give you the ability to have multiple users for your account but also provide user specific permissions to what data is accessible. Luckily, with the Jungle Disk Workgroup edition and its Network Drive feature, you are able to purchase additional licenses and create multiple users.

After creating a user, you will be able to set their permissions for which online disk that they will have access to and later map that online disk as a Network Drive on their computer. With the permissions set, that user will only be able to access that data on that specific online disk that you, as the administrator, would have set on the Jungle Disk control panel at In situations where you acquire a new employee or an employee is relocated to a different department, it is necessary to update profile configurations. As the administrator, you can process these required changes by setting user names, user passwords or user permissions at any time. Please keep in mind that user names and user passwords are only used to log in via the Jungle Disk Workgroup software on your computer and via web-access at In most cases, users are accessing the Network Drive (cloud storage), which is a very valuable tool that is utilized by hundreds of small offices and businesses throughout the world for storage purposes. With the Jungle Disk Workgroup edition, users also have the option of utilizing the Backup Vault (cloud backup) for local backups of their computer. This can be a valuable tool as well when backing up your most important folder and files. We have a very important blog explaining the key differences between Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup for reference.

When you are setting up your account, user permissions and adding additional users, definitely check out some of the blog posts mentioned above. If you need any assistance setting up, feel free to reach out to the support team!

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