Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - Onboarding for Encrypted Backups

When signing up with Jungle Disk, you inherit a team of experts who are passionate about providing an onboarding session to you, free of cost, to ensure that you get Jungle Disk setup and configured correctly from the get go. Since companies and users have different requirements, use cases and amounts of data, it’s important that we offer a unique and personal experience to our customers right after they sign up.

Of course, there are common best practices that apply to nearly every use case such as keeping an individual online disk usage to 500GB or 100,000 files, whichever is reached first. There are a couple of benefits for breaking up data. For one, backup databases will be kept smaller and healthier. This is the database that keeps track of how your files are compressed and chunked during the backup process. Therefore, the database size is related to the number of files, the overall size of the backup and the amount of previous versions you’re retaining.

Retention of a file’s previous versions when they are modified or deleted is another common best practice. Retention is a setting in the software that is configurable, default being 60 days. Many of our customers are under certain regulations to keep their data for a certain amount of time and need to adjust their setting appropriately to meet compliance requirements. The important thing to think about before adjusting anything is to evaluate how your business will need the data in the event of a disaster recovery situation.

If you sign up through a conversation with one of our solution consultants, you can ask them to help you take advantage of an onboarding session immediately. If you sign up on your own, we have a friendly support team standing by for your chat or phone call. You can send an email to [email protected] so that we can schedule a session at your convenience.

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