Network Backup Drive: How to Set Up a Backup with Jungle Disk

Jorge with Jungle Disk here with a quick video on how to backup your Network Drive. Several of our customers utilize the Network Drive which is essentially cloud storage and just like any other cloud storage solution, we definitely recommend that you have a vault backup of that data. Another recommendation would be to set up a separate online disk prior to following these steps that will be specific for the Network Drive backup. If you need help on how to create an online disk, I’ve included the link here. Also, if the Network Drive on the disk is being accessed by multiple users, you would only need to have one of those users backup the Network Drive by following 3 easy steps on your PC:

First, open up the configuration activity monitor. Once you are there, you need to change the way the Network Drive is being mapped. To do so, follow the below:

  • Click on Configure
  • Expand the Online Disk that has the Network Drive you want to back up
  • Expand the Network Drive
  • Click on Local Drive Mapping
  • Then the bottom section on the right is labeled, “Drive Type for All Online Disks”. Make sure to change this to “Network Share.”

Now for the second step, you would need to get the UNC path of the Network Drive. To do so, follow the below:

  • Open up a command prompt
  • Type in “net use” and hit enter
  • You will then see the Network Shares and under the “Remote” section is the UNC path you’re - looking for. Go ahead and copy this for later.

Lastly, pull up the configuration activity monitor again. Then you will need to:

  • Click on “Configure”
  • Click on the online disk that you created
  • You would then need to Connect the Online Disk by clicking the button
  • Once connected, expand that disk
  • Click on “Setup Automatic Backup”
  • Give the backup job a name and click create
  • Expand the Job you just created
  • Schedule a time when you want to have it backed up
  • Click on “What to Backup”
  • Click on “Add or Change backup folders”
  • Under “All Folders”, click on “Network Shares”
  • In the first field on the right, paste the UNC path you copied from the command prompt
  • Then type in your username and password for Jungle Disk
  • Then click “Add network share”
  • On the left, you will then see the file path for your network share and select what you would like to be backed up.
  • Once you click “Ok”, you’re all set!

Your Network Drive data will then be backed up at the time you specified.

We hope this video helps and please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns and be sure to visit for more information on how we can ensure that your business is protected.

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