Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - Work-Life Balance

Everyone needs time off or a break from work every once in while, whether it’s taking a few hours during the day to go the doctor or dentist, attend a child’s or grandchild’s school event, a trip to the gym, a vacation, or just some time to gather thoughts. Enter in the idea of work-life balance, something I have struggled with throughout my career of 27 plus years at a Fortune 500 company. My year plus at Jungle Disk, I have found work-life balance is encouraged. In my experience, when I dedicate too much time to work the rest of my life suffers and when I focus too much on my life my work suffers. I’ve always looked-for the perfect combination of work-life balance.

I am many things in life: a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, co-worker and team member—specifically the account manager at Jungle Disk—but most importantly I am myself. In trying to achieve balance in all those things while being as productive as possible at my job, I’ve recently started going to the gym during my lunch, which helps me feel better about myself, helps me gather my thoughts and energizes me to go back to work. My favorite class at the gym is Body Combat which invigorates me and gives me the strength I need to keep up with five wildly energetic grandsons when I’m not working. Not to mention, the name “Body Combat” serves as a reminder that achieving balance in life is a constant battle.

Some other techniques that you could use throughout your work day that I’ve found useful include meditating, going for a walk or having lunch with a co-worker or friend. In fact, just the other day I had lunch with a friend who was telling me about a technique for prioritizing your day that she heard from her doctor. Her doctor suggested that she pick three priorities for her day—just three—and that she writes them down to focus on them and judge the success of her day by the progress she made on those priorities. This led to an “ah-ha moment” for me. How often are we busy but not really productive? This method, I thought, could really help me prioritize my day and be as efficient as possible. I encourage you to try this method and see if it works for you.

These are just a few of the things that help me achieve my work-life balance as the account manager at Jungle Disk where my team depends on me to be focused to ensure our customers have access to the products they need to remain productive and successful. Here is an article I came across that has helped me and may help you on your quest of work-life balance.

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