Somebody’s Watching Me: Privacy Policy at Jungle Disk

As the world continues adopting and using cloud technologies, a really important consideration centers around privacy. Jungle Disk is a data security suite, but it’s always important to question your data security vendors about privacy, as security and privacy are two completely different concepts. While security can contribute to ensuring your data is private, security is more about preventing illegal access to your content. While privacy refers to the restriction of legal access, such as how the cloud provider can and can’t use your data and who they can and can’t share it with.

Here’s the great news, though. If you’re already using Jungle Disk, allow me to put your nerves at ease. Jungle Disk will never view the files that you upload, download or store using our service. We don’t monitor or disclose any information regarding your files and data without your permission (related to troubleshooting), except in accordance with our terms of service. Jungle Disk will never sell or market the email addresses or other personal information of users to third parties, either. With regard to personal data specifically, Jungle Disk doesn’t monitor, view or disclose the specific data stored using the service. It is, however, necessary to track various parameters of transferred data (file size, etc.) to support features including, but not limited to bandwidth monitoring and storage usage. We may request certain preferences and demographic information from you but your participation is completely optional. The information we collect is only used internally for helping our service become better in relation to support and improving the customer experience.

One point of consideration for any provider are how cookies and passive data are collected. Most companies, Jungle Disk included, use cookies and other technologies to collect non-personal data that enables them to better understand and improve the usability, performance and overall effectiveness of their service. You’ve probably encountered cookies when you’re scrolling through some of your favorite sites and realize that your favorite clothing brand ads happen to mysteriously show up in the side bars of the page. How did they know I shop at J.Crew?! Cookies are how. You can always disable cookies, but the thing about that is that sometimes if you disable cookies, you run the risk of disabling other features of the product you are using. So, you have to weigh the pros and cons of allowing cookies and how sensitive you feel data collected from cookies is versus having access to key tools. Lastly, like most websites, Jungle Disk collects general information about visits to our website. It sounds creepy…very big brother, but just about every website you could visit these days has analytics available that include things like the number of visits or browser details. None of which are personally identifiable information, of course. This information is valuable because it allows the website owner to understand usage in order to improve customer experience. At Jungle Disk, you can always opt-out of passive data collection by using Google’s opt-out browser plugin.

If you’d like to learn more about Jungle Disk Privacy Policies, click here or call Sales at 1-888-601-0401. We are happy to help.

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