Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - Closing Out My Summer Internship

By: Thalia Cedeno

As the end of my internship at Jungle Disk approaches, I can’t stop thinking about how fast these two months passed. I guess this is a good thing as they say time passes fast when you are having fun. I think fun is an understatement of my time as an intern for Jungle Disk. My days here were so much more than just fun; it was very enriching, educational, productive and so much more. It was entertaining because the environment here is extremely positive, the whole Jungle Disk team is helpful, enthusiastic and friendly. Without mentioning the fact that we were always getting delicious treats; muffins, breakfast tacos, cookies, cake, and so much more. So basically what more could I ask for?

I can say my internship was so much more than I expected. Usually, interns just do busy work but Jungle Disk enabled us to do productive things that were related to our majors. At the beginning of the internship, our program, Student + Startups, asked us to write down clear, measurable and attainable learning goals. As I look back at my goals, I feel like I achieved them.

My project this summer was to translate the Jungle Disk website. This was more challenging than I expected as the website has multiple pages and translating, for example, the Acceptable Use Policy is not a piece of cake. However, through the translation I got to read many interesting and informative things on the website via the blog and product pages to get familiar with the company’s product suite and the industry. Apart from the weekly meetings with the marketing team, the internship has also taught me many valuable things such as certain tools like GitHub, software development platform, and Atom, a text editor, that are used for updating the Jungle Disk website. I used Atom to change the translated content and then I committed my changes through GitHub.

Last but not least, I can say that it was an honor to be exposed to the world of cybersecurity and its importance in the society of today.I would like to thank the whole Jungle Disk team, Bret Piatt, Grant Herbon, and Christina Weaver as well as my fellow interns, Tanya Nair and Sarah Scott, for making this summer of 2017 one that will always stay with me.

  • Thalia Cedeno

Jungle Disk Intern, Thalia Cedeno

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