Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - That’s All Folks! Closing out Students + Startups Internship

By:Tanya Nair

You know how they say “time flies when you’re having fun?” Consequently, that is exactly what happened to my ten weeks as a marketing intern at Jungle Disk. Now that the last day of my Students + Startups internship is here, I am sad to go as I have acquainted myself to Jungle Disk’s lovely crew and the daily work that I do. My experience here will always be memorable.

Walking away from this internship, I now hold a better grasp of what is expected in the professional world. This is because being an intern at Jungle Disk provided me a well rounded experience of what it would be like to have a full-time job, which was something I wanted to be able to experience before graduating from college. It also allowed me to comprehend all the nimble parts of a small business. For example, I worked on helping launch new landing pages, editing old ones and tweaking keywords from Google Adwords to acquire more direct and organic traffic. Having been a part of the Jungle Disk team for almost two months, I noticed that in a small business everyone has a significant role and some even with multiple responsibilities. This is why it is very important for everyone to have initiative and take ownership of their work. Moreover, the experience also gave me the chance to understand the benefits of a small business, which may be favorable to encounters I may have with my own startup someday.

Throughout the internship, my work has been focused on marketing research and analysis. It brought me out of my comfort zone and exposed me to some of the eye-opening tools marketers use such as, Spyfu, Hotjar, Google Analytics and Google AdWords. These tools enabled me to put on my marketing hat, think like a marketer and learn various marketing tools and tactics. It was mind-blowing to discover all the information marketers are able to see on the Internet about their competitors. Learning how to interpret and analyze the data from these tools was beneficial as research and analysis are key aspects to psychology, and can later be applied to my future career.

Sitting in on team meetings and learning the nuances of marketing helped improve my interpersonal skills, vocabulary and self confidence. I learned to speak up and share my thoughts and ideas with Grant Herbon, director of marketing, who I had daily one-on-one meetings with. This helped bounce off new and improved ideas for additional projects.

Looking back, I am thankful to have been apart of an amazing team and to have been given a holistic learning experience. Looking forward, I am excited to now apply all these new skills I have learned to my future internships, my forthcoming career and my everyday life. I would like to say a special thank you to Bret Piatt, Grant Herbon, Christina Weaver, Thalia Cedeno, Sarah Scott and the Jungle Disk crew for making my summer educational, impactful and most of all memorable. Check out a quick shoutout that we got in the Trinity University President’s Newsletter here.

Jungle Disk Intern, Tanya Nair

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