The Jungle Disk Customer Experience: Unparalleled Customer Support

Here at Jungle Disk, we are always working towards improving our products and team for a better customer experience. Recently we have released software upgrades of our workgroup and server editions that improves performance and a better overall experience for our customers. Over the last couple of months, we have also been helping our legacy customers transition to our updated workgroup and server edition software so they can have a better experience and be working on software that is more current with the latest features.

Our support team is also growing and we are broadening our scope to be able to service our Spanish-speaking customers better. We are currently focusing on our bilingual support team members and utilizing them for the growth of our support team. We are very aware that our Spanish-speaking customer base is growing and they, just like everyone else, sometimes need help troubleshooting. Going forward we are hoping to have a substantial part of the team that is bilingual to make the customer experience for our Spanish-speaking customers better.

We want to be able to make all of our customers happy and we pride ourselves in troubleshooting and getting our customers software working and having their data secure. We try our best to reach out to customers that do need to be called back or even a refresher course on our backup software. Our support team will go above and beyond to make our customer experience the best that it can be and we hope that our actions reflects this and we hope our customers spread the word about Jungle Disk support.

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