Jungle Disk Cloud Backup: Overview of Our Robust Storage Solution

With the Jungle Disk Workgroup Edition, you have the option of deciding what would be the best backup for your use case. Jungle Disk has two valuable backup features known as the Backup Vault and Simple Backup (formally known as Legacy Backup).

The Backup Vault can save you and your business from the latest virus and malware attacks all while backing up all of your critical business data. The Backup Vault is an incremental backup, so you pay for what you use, and includes data de-duplication to reduce your total usage and thus your charges. The data that is backed up is only available through the software’s restore files option. This is due to the way the data is packaged, compressed and stored while being uploaded to your online disk. This should be considered cloud backup rather than cloud storage (this informative blog post describes the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage to give you a better understanding). We also have an in-depth support guide providing an overview of the Backup Vault from configuring your first backup to restoring from a previous backup.

The Simple Backup feature allows you to copy folders and files from your local machine to your network drive. A general use case for this feature would be that the folders and files that are uploaded to the network drive via Simple Backup can be accessed at any time via the internet, unlike our Backup Vault which is not visible online or via the network drive. The Simple Backup feature has the same limitations as with the network drive, such as each individual file must be less than 5GB in order for them to be uploaded to the network drive. The data stored in the network drive should be considered cloud storage.

To recap: The Backup Vault is a cloud backup and is critical to backing up your most important data and can be used as a disaster recovery in case of a malware attack or other event. Our Simple Backup copies your files from your local machine to the Network Drive so you can access those files online. If you would like a more extensive view of both features, please feel free look over our detailed support blog.

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