Why Cloud Backup Is A Must | Steps to Securing Your Data

Tragic Storms Proving That a Backup Plan is No Longer a Preference, It’s a Must

If you read our website, you will find that every small business has critical information they need to keep safe. Modern businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to protecting this data, one that changes rapidly in the technology-focused time we live in. Disasters strike. Local disks fail. Files get corrupted. Hackers prey. Jungle Disk was founded because we care about your business, we want you to succeed and we know that having a solid security foundation is invaluable to your success. Hurricane Harvey, this storm season’s devastating natural disaster that rocked the Texas coast, has many business owners and company IT personnel scrambling to make sure their digital assets are protected and able to withstand the forces of a hurricane. While the entire Southeast portion of Texas is feeling the effects of Harvey, Houston in particular has been overwhelmed with severe winds, torrential rain and extreme flooding. The city is a major business hub in the United States, and what is happening there is further proof that companies no longer have the luxury of waiting to enforce a backup strategy within their business.

According to Contingency Planning and Strategic Research Corporation, over 90 percent of all business computers are not being properly backed up on a regular basis. Also, catastrophe-affected businesses not capable of resuming normal operations within two weeks of being affected by a natural disaster are over 90 percent likely to file for bankruptcy within a year. And regrettably, over 40 percent of these companies that experience a natural disaster never turn their lights on again.

These are devastating numbers, and while there are many facets to safeguarding your business as a whole, there are simple steps you can take to ensure that you have a plan to get your business up and going again. Here are three essential questions you should be able to answer:

  • When tragedy strikes, what is your plan of action?
  • If you have total loss of power or your physical location takes a hit, is your business still able to operate?
  • Are you prepared and able to spin up remote operations and continue serving your customers?

If you can’t answer these questions, I’ll list a few, yet essential, things you can do now to protect the basics in your digital world.

Use an automatic offsite cloud backup service like Jungle Disk Workgroup and make sure each employee is fully trained on how the application works and the value it provides. By using an offsite solution, you will ensure that your data is safe and accessible regardless of what occurs at your business location. Consider using a cloud-based productivity suite to manage your company email and business applications versus running these platforms on an in-house server platform. For instance, with Microsoft Office 365, you can access business grade email via a robust and user-friendly Outlook platform and have access through your web browser. With G Suite by Google, Your business email (Gmail), Google Drive and calendar are all in one spot and hosted offsite. These basic, but crucial, tools no longer need to be run at your place of business. Have your staff regularly trained on your backup strategy, the tools being used, and what to do in the event you have to put your action plan in place. Lastly, make sure that as an employer you are keeping up with the latest information to help safeguard your business. Organizations like the FTC have ways to get you going.

Tragic storms and other disasters are an unfortunate part of reality. Work to keep your employees and company safe and implement these simple steps to make sure you aren’t completely overwhelmed in case this happens to you. If you need help putting together a data security plan, please contact our experts at Jungle Disk or by calling 1-888-601-0401. Be well!

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