Using Jungle Disk Email Archiving to Manage Your Office 365 Risks

Microsoft Office 365 has seen tremendous success and momentum recently, and is among the most popular cloud productivity platforms in the marketplace. It does, however, have some limitations with its eDiscovery and built-in archiving features that could cause headaches if not examined. If your business is using Office 365, you should be aware that by not using a separate email archiving solution such as the one offered by Jungle Disk, you may be opening the door to some unnecessary gambles that could place undue burden on your company.

Therefore, by adding on something like Jungle Disk’s email archiving service,which is cloud based, your company has the ability to more effectively manage your compliance, business process and legal matters. In other words, you can more successfully secure your IP from employee and outside theft, you can limit outside costs in the event you get audited, and you can mitigate legal risk if your company is taken to court. Here’s how!

Cutting Costs

As a business, handling your data effectively should be part of your IT strategy. It becomes even more important as it relates to how you take care of your data when it comes under the microscope. If you have to take part in a lawsuit or audit, you need to have a concrete framework that shows where your data is stored, how it’s secured and how it’s accessed. If you are in a regulated line of business, this is even more important.

Legal events and audits can be a big expense to the company and as the hours go by and time adds up, the costs can easily get way out of control. Therefore, reacting swiftly during such an event not only saves your business money but displays to all parties involved that you have your act in order. With Jungle Disk email archiving, your legal and financial representatives can identify and arrange data much faster and with greater efficiency considerably decreasing the time that you will be billed for such services. It also provides your business with an array of features including tagging, customizable hold reasons and flexible export file formats. Maybe, best of all, it uses immutable WORM technology, which means the data in the archive cannot be changed or tampered with and that is huge in these types of situations. All of these features add up to less time spent on searching, organizing, exporting and reviewing, which in turn equals lesser costs to your business.

Keeping your Business Safe and Humming Along

Your business, just like ours, relies on email as part of effective day-to-day communication. In fact, it is critical to the daily operations of many if not all businesses. As such, you need a plan in place to secure all inbound and outbound email traffic in order to make sure all records are preserved and locatable for future reference if needed. This not only protects your business but also protects your employees when a dispute arises.

The truth is that emails get accidentally deleted and they also get “accidentally” deleted. You also have situations where a disgruntled employee nukes their entire email inbox before leaving for another company. You can pretty much insert any disastrous situation here, but it all boils down to the same thing: You need a third-party service to preserve every email record. By putting this in place, you will keep critical communication and material safe, plus you can operate as usual when an employee leaves the business regardless of what they may do to their inbox. Oh yeah, and one nicer perk … when that employee does leave, you don’t have to continue paying for that Office 365 account. Jungle Disk email archiving maintains those records indefinitely.

What Next?

Office 365 is a solid product, and by coupling it with a third-party archiving solution, you are putting your company in a greater IT and security posture. Spend a little extra and keep your employees and company safe. If you need help putting together an Office 365 and archiving plan, contact our experts at [email protected] or by calling 1-888-601-0401.

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