Proper Backup Management: Best Practice for Managing Backups

Jungle Disk has gone through some big changes in the past year; most recently, we’ve started helping customers with legacy licenses move to our newest version of the software. With each of these changes, the support team is on standby to help with any questions or issues that arise.

Many customers that we speak with have not only not contacted support in a long time, but also don’t have a clear idea of what they’re backing up. Many times, we hear phrases along the lines of “It just works,” so there is rarely a time where users will question whether they are backing up the right files. We certainly want a product that works quietly in the background, but should your backups be one of the things to set and forget?

In some instances, you can take that approach to some degree. Users that work out of the same files or folder, such as “desktop” and “documents,” typically won’t have to review their backup settings often. For others, things can get more complicated over time. For example, we sometimes speak to customers that have inherited a computer from another employee. When that happens, the previous employee may be running Jungle Disk in a manner that does not match what new user needs. It’s also possible that the backup was not configured correctly in the first place, or since its initial configuration, new files in a new location need to be backed up. At times like this, it is a good idea to review what you are backing up through the software under the configure menu, or to setup a new backup if there wasn’t one in place before.

In addition, if there is a shared machine, it is important to ensure that people are working or saving files consistently in the correct location; of course this doesn’t always happen, so in those cases, it is even more important to review what is being backup up periodically. The same applies to when there is a change of staff. Roles within a company change, and if you find yourself in charge of backups, it would serve the company’s best interest to make sure everyone is backing up what they need to.

Overall, there is no correct answer to how often backups should be reviewed, but there is a correct answer to “Should they be reviewed?”: Yes! As always, if you need assistance in seeing what is being backed up or if you have questions about scenarios that are unique to you, feel free to reach out to the support team. We’re here to help!

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