Quick Guide to Getting Started with Jungle Disk

Quick guide to getting started with Jungle Disk.

Control Panel

Login with your admin email address and password here.

You can manage your account here. Anything from user and online disk permissions to billing and reporting. It’s a very useful tool that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Downloading and Installing the Jungle Disk Software

Get your version here.

First-time Setup

Log into the software with the credentials you created and configure your backups and/or network drives.

Configuring a Backup

The backup vault is the secure backup feature that Jungle Disk offers. You can set up an automatic backup schedule that runs at a time that works best for your business. Please refer to this guide for all the details involved in configuring the backup schedule and contents of the backup.

The network drive is where you can store files in the cloud. Because this is not a true backup, we recommend you backup your drive content using our backup vault feature. Use this blog post to help configure a backup of your network drive today.

Accessing Your Data

Backup vault data is accessed through a the restore feature of the Jungle Disk software that you download. Here is a guide on restoring from the vault.

Network drive data is accessed through the mapped drive on your computer or through our web access online portal. You can upload and download data through our web access portal as well.

This should help get you started with Jungle Disk but reach out to [email protected] for additional assistance.

Protect Your Business Data

We are passionate about helping our customers protect their data. We want you to use Jungle Disk to protect yours. Click on Sign Up to get started. It takes less than 5 minutes!

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