Jungle Disk in the San Antonio Community

Community is important to us

In January of 2016, Jungle Disk was spun out of Rackspace to operate in San Antonio as an independent business. As you can imagine, that first year was focused on growth and stabilizing operations as a stand-alone concern. It was a lot of work but incredibly satisfying for our small group focused on that mission.

In 2017, we’ve gained momentum in our ability to serve and delight our customers. Our commitment to our customers became part of our DNA while we were a part of Rackspace and we’ve made great strides to enhance our product and service offerings to evolve from solely backup to a data security suite.

In the background, we’ve also been working on our commitment to our community. We’ve been doing a lot and now feel like it’s a good time to share the things we’ve been working on.

CAST Tech High School

Our future depends on our children and their opportunity to learn in 21st-century ways. We believe in learning in this transformational way and are part of the industry board helping to advise and provide mentorship.

Tech Bloc

We are active in the San Antonio Tech District and support the activities to develop and recruit technology talent to San Antonio.

RealCo and Launch SA

We are active mentors in their programs to help local entrepreneurs build and operate businesses.

Rivard Report

Our office neighbor and we do what we can to support them with our technological expertise.

SA Youth

We recently migrated their email platform to Google G Suite to improve their communication and collaboration as well as setting them up with backups.

SA Works

Next week we’ll be conducting a Day at Work workshop to show some local high school seniors about different roles available in a technology company.

Trinity Students + Startups

For the last two years we’ve participated in the program that provides internships to Trinity Students within local startups.

Venture for America

This fall we brought two fellows from the Venture for America fellowship program to San Antonio to bring a new perspective on entrepreneurship and philanthropy to our organization and community.

United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County

For the last couple of years, we have been active in the Emerging Leaders Council with the mission of increasing the participation of our young professionals in community philanthropy.

San Antonio Great Chamber of Commerce

For the last year, we’ve been active in the Cyber Security Council that fosters growth and development of the local cybersecurity industry and provides support and advocacy for legislative issues impacting the industry. The council also identifies and creates tech and cybersecurity workforce and recruitment initiatives to meet future industry needs through collaboration with academic institutions, current businesses and the military.

San Antonio’s future and our part

We are grateful to work and live in a place where companies of any size can make a significant impact to our community, a city on the rise, where we can do our part.

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