7 Things You Should Know about Claire from Jungle Disk

Hi, I’m Claire from Jungle Disk. Here are some things about me!

1. I just joined the Jungle Disk team as a Developer!

In October 2017 I left the freelance life and couldn’t be more excited to join this team. I’ll be doing front-end development and user experience design, working with the talented folks who maintain and build Jungle Disk’s suite of products.

2. I love to build things that make people’s lives better.

Design impacts everything. All products represent a collection of decisions, made consciously or unconsciously, that affect the real human on the other end who will be using that thing.

My goal is for every interaction with a Jungle Disk product to leave the user with that refreshed, calm feeling of confidence knowing their data is safe. Peace of mind starts with easy-to-use interfaces that simplify complex tasks and help customers easily and confidently set up and manage their security suite.

As Jungle Disk grows, I’ll get to help design, build and improve products that people will love to use. That makes me pretty excited.

3. I was born in Portland, Oregon … but San Antonio is home now.

That’s right, I’m not from Texas … but Lyle Lovett says it’s cool, right? I got here as fast as I could, so they say.

I moved here to attend Trinity University, and since graduating I’ve gotten to work for some pretty special organizations that have fostered a very deep affection for San Antonio: The San Antonio Spurs, SA2020, BILTT, and now Jungle Disk. I’ve gotten to work in and around Geekdom for a few years now, always inspired by the enthusiasm and talent that hums around the place. I am thrilled to start a new journey with the team at Jungle Disk and get to remain part of this community.

4. I am Liberal Arts, and So Can You

I have a degree in English literature, and never thought I’d have “developer” as a job title. I had always identified as a humanities person, and figured more technical fields just weren’t my thing.

But after getting my brain turned completely inside-out in the best way by a computer science course late in college, I couldn’t help but continue to learn development as much as I could on my own. I was blown away to discover a job that could fulfill both the creative and logical parts of my brain, and let me continue learning perpetually. After years of self-instruction and reading many books, I decided to complete a 16-week bootcamp for front-end development and actively shift the direction of my career.

5. I have two cats that run my life.

I think that the toxoplasmosis has gone to my brain. Nina and Nugget are the cutest pair of dumb beasts there ever was, except for the third cat that my husband will someday agree to. It’s just a matter of time.

6. I play a mean rogue.

Inspired by the podcast The Adventure Zone, I’ve just started another journey into the fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons. If you can handle some childish, nonsensical humor between three brothers and their dad as they ignore many of the D&D rules, I highly suggest giving TAZ a listen. If you’re already a fan of the McElroy brand of podcasts and internet video content, let’s be friends. If you have a killer podcast recommendation, hit me up!

7. I’m not above click-bait titles …

And I’m not afraid to use these powers for my own gain. Thanks for reading, if you see me around Geekdom or the office please say hi!

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