SA Works Job Shadow Program

At Jungle Disk, we’re committed to being at the heart of the San Antonio technology community. That means we want to be pioneers when it comes to getting kids on the pathway to careers in technology and developing the breadth of skills needed by our industry. Across America, Stanford University estimates 290,000 cybersecurity jobs went unfilled in 2015 because of a lack of people with the skills to fill them, tens of thousands of them in San Antonio, America’s second most important cybersecurity center. We can’t afford to wait until tomorrow to solve these challenges, as a cybersecurity company, we’re facing these challenges today and that calls for active measures to help train Americans for jobs in our industry.

As part of our contribution, today Jungle Disk was lucky enough to host 41 San Antonio high school students from Southwest High School and East Central High School, as one of nine organizations participating in San Antonio Works’ Job Shadow Day.

We were joined in the morning by Bexar County District 4 Commissioner, Tommy Calvert, as well as David Garcia, the CEO of Geekdom, who gave the students some context for our industry and explained some of the changes going on in the labor force.

As the morning went on, Trey (head of our R&D department), Grant (head of marketing), Mandy (head of customer support), John (head of sales) and Mike (chief data scientist) introduced the crowd to Jungle Disk by explaining the roles of the different departments in our business and the skills required for each. Grant and I then arranged a team challenge for everyone to design and present a Google Adwords targeting campaign, in half an hour! Bret (our CEO) and Lorenzo Gomez from Geekdom then joined to lead the judging panel and we were excited to announce, one of the East Central High School teams as the winners.

Team Challenge Winners

The winning team managed to produce a whole strategy looking to focus on firms in regions which had recently suffered cyber attacks, targeting the term “backup solutions” and even wrote some very impressive copy for the ad. They really demonstrated an understanding of what we do and the value we add to our customers. Well done East Central!

When we broke for lunch, we were joined by several people from the technology community in San Antonio, including Dimitri Antoniou from Codeup, our local coding bootcamp, Sarah Cantu from Assembla, Charles Woodin and Adriana Rios from Geekdom as well as Ryan Cleary from The Learning Company.

Our guests and team facilitated some great conversations for the students talking about the very diverse paths they each took into technology, and talking about the importance of reaching out for internships and creating opportunities for yourself.

We’re so proud to be San Antonians, and we’re even prouder that we are able to give back to our community and contribute to building and strengthening technology in our city.

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