We Blog Because We Love To

At Jungle Disk, we on the support team stay busy helping customers with their software installs, back up jobs and everything in between. To say there is never a dull moment is a understatement. So why do we in the support team write blogs every week? Well for one, we aren’t the only team that writes blogs every week. All the teams do. But we in support tend to blog about customer success stories, or maybe even common practices that maybe some of our customers may not know.

I know when the team was asked to start working on our blogs there were lots of questions. Who will actually read this? How long does each blog have to be? What if we run out of ideas? Who wants to go first? Well all of the questions were answered fairly quick. We found out that a lot of people read our blog posts, both current customers and maybe just someone researching our products. We found that some of our customers refer to our blogs for guidance or ideas on how to utilize our products better. We found that the support team sends blogs to our customers. We have not run out of ideas yet, mostly because we’ve realized there are lots of things we can write about almost every day.

If some of you haven’t, usually each week the support team’s blog is written by a different member. We have somewhat of schedule, but sometimes if someone has a great idea for a blog and wants to write it that week we let them. So who went first when we first started? I don’t even remember at this point, but I’m sure they were just as nervous as I was the first time I wrote my blog, but then realized that this is actually a good way to communicate to our customer in addition to troubleshooting an issue. This is an even better way to communicate to a potential new customer that may be interested in Jungle Disk. So the answer to the question, “Why blog?” seems to be very obvious. Why would you not blog?

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