Online Holiday Shopping: Stay Safe from Cyber Thieves

Keep Cybersecurity Top of Mind During the Holiday Season

As we head into the holiday season and peak time for online shopping, cyber thieves are plotting to capture your identity and credit card information.

Here are a few things that you can do to keep your transactions safe.

  1. Utilize a browser-based script blocker to explicitly allow scripts from running in your browser. This can help mitigate nefarious scripts from running in your browser that may try to capture credentials.
  2. Install the latest updates for your operating system and browser. By staying up-to-date with the latest security patches, you may be thwarting malware that leverages these weakness.
  3. Run the latest endpoint protection software in real time mode to block malware based scripts from running on your computer.
  4. Consider subscribing to a network filtering service that blocks malware before it ever reaches your computer.
  5. Try to only utilize e-commerce sites that you know and trust. Verify that your browser says that the connection to the site is secure. For example, in Chrome it should display the an icon with a lock symbol saying secure in the address bar.
  6. Be very wary of any promotional advertisements in your email. Avoid clicking on anything from your web-based email as this is how attackers utilize phishing techniques to compromise your computer.

Unfortunately, you can no longer rely on one security solution to protect yourself and your business. In order to stay safe online during the holiday season, you should take a layered security approach to protecting your valuable information.

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