Software Updates: The Importance of Keeping Software Updated

Jungle Disk Software and Operating System Updates

In today’s modern world, technology is moving at a rapid pace. In order to stay constantly up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology improvements, software research and development needs to be in place. This is especially true for software that must coexist with operating systems and other software applications. At Jungle Disk, we are faced with the constant challenge of identifying and adapting to operating systems updates coming from Microsoft and Apple. Each update that these companies push creates a situation on how this will affect different software applications like Jungle Disk (e.g. Server edition and Workgroup edition). Minor updates can go pretty smoothly, while major updates can quickly become a developer’s nightmare. With all the precautions in place, it is impossible to predict how an application will handle major updates to its operating system. Having a failsafe will only take you so far.

How to Update Your Jungle Disk Software

Within the last year, Jungle Disk has had both minor and major updates to our software versions. You can always download and view release notes directly on our website at On the bottom right of the page, you can go to ‘Release Notes’ and view key features that are included with the new update, changes in the current version, and changes on all of our previous versions. You can also find important information about which version of the Jungle Disk software is currently available. We also include platform release notes for all platforms, as well as individual platforms for Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, and Redhat Linux. Additionally, Jungle Disk utilizes several open source libraries with copyright/license information to provide source code in compliance with the associated license agreements.

The customer support team highly recommends that you always keep your devices up-to-date with the latest hardware and software versions. This would be your device’s operating systems such Microsoft Windows and MacOS, along with any software applications you use. This will ensure that you have the most current and important updates required to help fix previous bugs, patch potential vulnerabilities, install latest security standards, and enhance performance and stability.

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