Show Me The Backups - Keeping Your Account Information Updated

Recurring billing can be a cumbersome task to stay on top of, especially if you manage finances for your entire organization. I’m going to give you some details on how our billing process works to help keep you and your organization free from worry.

Customer Billing at Jungle Disk

As Jungle Disk’s Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Manager, one of my many job duties is to make courtesy calls when an account has gone into grace period and collect on accounts that have become delinquent.

As you know, when you sign up with Jungle Disk, part of the checkout process is to enter your preferred credit card information that will be charged monthly. The way our billing system works is that if the credit card fails on your billing date and up to 14 days after, the account goes into a grace period. This means that your backups will continue to run and you will continue to have access to your account until day 15. On day 15, your account will become delinquent which makes your backups fail and your data becomes inaccessible. On the day your payment fails, and every time we attempt to re-bill your credit card, you will receive a notification from [email protected] This email lets you know that your payment has failed. You may also receive a courtesy call and/or email from me. Some of the reasons a credit card may fail are expiration date, your financial institution declined, insufficient funds, fraud, and stolen to name a few. We do not want you to have any disruption in your service so my intent is just to notify you and let you know about the failure. To ensure that the notification email goes to your inbox, I recommend that you whitelist [email protected] in your spam filter.

Keep Payment Information Updated

You can update your credit card information and pay in the Jungle Disk control panel. After you have logged in to your account, select the “Update Billing Info” icon and then re-enter credit card and billing information for the currently active card you wish for us to charge. Once you do so, we will attempt to charge the payment and you will receive an email notifying you of your results. If the payment still fails, reach out to us on the phone at 1-888-571-8963 or via live chat ( Monday-Friday (8am-5pm CST) so that we can help you resolve the issue. We want to make sure your backups are running to ensure you always have a safe, second copy of your data. Please make sure your account information stays up-to-date!

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