In the New Year, Focus on Your Business’s Data Security Strategy

Putting a focus on your company’s data security strategy.

You’ve heard it time and time again. “Make sure you put major focus on your company’s data security strategy.” Phrases like this are common place in the media, at conferences, in marketing collateral, and even from your own employees. Other comments like, “you don’t want to learn the hard way” and “do something before it’s too late” cross communication channels daily in businesses.

Did you know that according to Juniper Research, the cost of global cybercrime will surpass 2 trillion dollars by 2019? If that wasn’t enough, in 2016 the ITRC stated that more than 29 million records were hacked in over 800 revealed events across several industries like healthcare, finance and education. If all this is the case, why are many companies neglecting their data security strategy? Why are we so resistant to putting these security measures in place?

It all begins with the attitude we have developed towards things we perceive will never directly affect us. The perception is that cyberattacks are the types of things that happen to other companies, not ours. Or, why should our company spend the extra money on data security? Nothing has happened so far so we are safe, right? Or how about this one, we aren’t big enough for someone to want to hack us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Keeper Security says that over the last 12 months, 50 percent of small businesses reported at least one cyber-attack. Yikes!

The truth of the matter is that having cybersecurity is no longer something that is just for big corporations. Attacks happen daily to companies of all sizes and types. Putting together a data security strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. In today’s day and age, even the smallest of companies can assemble a plan that is robust, multi-facet and a low-cost endeavor. Companies need to start with their attitude and posture towards these things. Having a positive attitude about it and looking at it as a wise investment versus a burdensome cost is the kind of thing that takes the idea from discovery to planning and then finally on to fruition.

Developing a Security Strategy

If you are wondering how to get started, here are some essential things you can do now to get going while you investigate a larger strategic approach to data security:

  1. Cloud-based Productivity Suites - Consider using a cloud based productivity suite to manage your company email and business applications versus running these platforms on an in-house server platform. For instance, with Microsoft Office365, you can access business grade email via a robust and user-friendly Outlook platform and have access through your web browser. With G Suite by Google, your business email (Gmail), Google Drive and calendar are all in one spot and hosted off-site. These basic but crucial tools no longer need to be run at your place of business.
  2. Network Protection - Do you have multi-level threat protection keeping your network safe from attacks? Make sure you are running a network firewall that offers an active ransomware shield, malware protection, and data leak prevention.
  3. Off-site Backup Service - Use an automatic off-site cloud backup service like Jungle Disk and make sure each employee is fully trained on how the application works and the value it provides. By using an off-site solution, you will ensure that your data is safe and accessible regardless of what occurs at your business location.
  4. Security Best Practices - Lastly, make sure that as an employer you are keeping up with the latest information to help safeguard your business. Organizations like the FTC have ways to get you going.

If you need help putting together your plan of action, please contact our experts. Good luck!

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