Jungle Disk Year in Review with New Products

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Jungle Disk!

It’s that time of year where things are winding down and people are starting to focus on the new year to come. Whether it is focusing on your individual goals or your business goals, we hope that you keep in mind your data security needs to make sure you can reach those goals. Almost everything is done online nowadays so it is important to keep security top of mind.

As we wrap up our year as a company, I look back to see all the changes that have been made to help current and future Jungle Disk customers. We went from spinning out of Rackspace early last year with a focus in data backups to expanding to a whole security suite of services that keeps growing! We are continually making enhancements to our current products and have also started building on them to be a one-stop shop for SMBs.

Before I get into our latest addition, I would like to just recap on what products came before in the data security suite.


We are best known for our data backups. You simply install the Jungle Disk software on your computer or server and tell it what you want to have backed up. You then have a safe, encrypted copy of that file data.

Network Threat Protection

We wanted to have an enterprise-grade network security product that SMBs can afford. This device sits on premise to monitor your incoming and outgoing network traffic.

Email Archiving

Using our backups to save your PST’s of email data? If you have Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365, we can help you configure our email archiving solution for your business

Google G Suite/ Microsoft O365

Since we offered email archiving, the next logical step was to provide the solution we can help with. We are now Google G Suite and Microsoft O365 partners.

And our newest offering…

Quickbooks Online Backup

You can use our backups to save your important Quickbooks data for the desktop version but as more and more users and companies move everything into the cloud, we needed a solution to be able to backup your Quickbooks online. We recently acquired SafetyNet to be able to offer this to our customers!

So as the year comes to an end and you are reflecting on your goals you accomplished as an individual and/or a business, we hope that you take data security serious. As you can see, Jungle Disk has come a long way in the last couple of years and our customers are noticing and taking advantage of our full suite of offerings. We help make it easy for small and medium business to have the stuff they need to not only work, but be protected.

We are excited to have the suite of services that every company needs and look forward to helping all our current and future customers in the new year!

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