Maintaining Healthy Backups in the New Year

With the New Year, you hear everyone talk about resolutions that may or may not be kept. At Jungle Disk, the team talks about being healthier, getting stronger, or being a better person or coworker. New year’s resolutions also apply to our customers and the Jungle Disk backup software. I would like to share a few recommendations based on some of the questions we received from customers prepping for the new year.

Online Support Resources

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to get reacquainted with using the software as well as possibly doing maintenance that you have not done or need to do. At the end of 2017, our support team had a good amount of calls from customers who had a new employee to add or needed assistance making adjustments to their account settings. We also had IT admins who had never used the Jungle Disk software before and wanted to get more information on how the product worked. The support team walked many of these customers through how the product worked but a lot of them were pressed for time. To help customers that do not have the time to walk through account adjustments or tutorials on the phone, we direct them to some helpful online content such as our getting started guide, so they could go over the software on their own time. This is a reference that I would highly recommend that every customers go over again if its been some time since you have done so.

Maintaining a Healthy Disk Size

In addition to utilizing online resources, I would also highly recommend customers take a look at their accounts and make sure their disk size is healthy. Our recommended size for best performance per each online disk is 500 GB or 100,000 files. If you see that any of your disks are over this size, I would suggest looking into the backup set that is being backed up as well as check your retention settings within the software. Majority of the time, many customers opt to recreate the job on a new disk and once the job is successful they keep the old disk for retention purposes but then eventually delete the old disk. You can get to your usage reports via your admin control panel at

Adding New Licenses

Another frequently asked question from customers focuses around new hires and making sure that licenses were available for these new hires. Once again, you can see how many active licenses you have on your account by logging in to and clicking on the “Manage Active Licenses” icon. If you have forgotten how to add a license, we have a guide for that a well. The guide can be found here. As you are working through adding a license and don’t see your question addressed in the guide, feel free to reach out to the support team.

These are just a couple of frequently asked questions and suggestions based on customer calls, chats and tickets. It’s important to get your new year started off on the best foot with your backup jobs and utilizing the software to its full potential. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our support team via email, chat support or phone support. Happy New Year!

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