Behind the Scenes with Jungle Disk Support Team: Desktop Setups

Behind the Scenes with Jungle Disk Support Team

Being on the support team at Jungle Disk requires the use of various tools and thus requires multiple windows for the use of these tools. I previously utilized a very common setup of multiple monitors next to each other at my workstation. In early 2017, I decided to try something different and went to single monitor setup of the ultrawide variety.

Benefits of having a streamlined monitor setup.

My particular model is a Microboard M340CLZ 34 inch curved monitor that has a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440 at 100 Hz. It also utilizes AMD’s Freesync adaptive synchronization technology, however, I have a Nvidia graphics processing unit (GPU) at my workstation so this cannot be utilized. That being said, I went this route mostly for the extra real estate it provides and the 100 Hz was a bit of a bonus. I instantly noticed that my productivity had increased significantly merely due to the extra space I had available to me. I was also running two different displays at the same time, so having one single bezel-less display was easier on the eyes as slight brightness and color differences are present between different displays no matter how much one tries to match them up. I noticed I was able to keep more on my screen at once and needed to tab over between different tools much less because of this.

I would highly recommend an ultrawide monitor for both productivity as well as gaming purposes as that is a personal hobby of mine. I ended up also purchasing an ultrawide monitor for home use as this offered an enhanced experience all around for gaming, browsing, and even power consumption. While there are many overall benefits of an ultrawide display, there are a few things to consider before going this route. The primary barrier is price. These monitors are a bit out reach for some as my particular model was on the low end of the spectrum at ~$700 at the time. This was due to the size and resolution mostly as there are definitely those in the 29 inch realm that are much more affordable. The other major concern for some may be that of preference when it comes to displays themselves. Some people may prefer to have an application full screen where the benefit of the ultrawide monitor may not be utilized to its full extent as some applications may not support an ultrawide resolution. You may also not have the physical real estate on your desk for one of these monitors if your current setup only allows for one single “regular” sized display.

Jungle Disk support team is here to assist customers.

Having an ultrawide monitor has increased my productivity here on the Jungle Disk support team and has led to much more efficient interactions with our customers because of it. Should you need any assistance with your backups, please contact our team and we’ll happily assist you in an efficient manner to ensure your backups and restores run as smoothly as possible.

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