Better Error Reporting for Customers

This week, we rolled out a new feature which you’ll hopefully never encounter - unique error IDs for our control panel.

Sometimes, things can go wrong on the server side of a website that we don’t know how to handle. Sometimes they’re errors we’ve simply never seen before. Other times, they’re due to some set of conditions or actions we didn’t expect. They can, of course, be caused by bugs, network issues, and hardware failures. We’ve already been logging these things to some extent, but we generally had no insight into how to reproduce many of the problems.

What’s New

When something went wrong before that we didn’t expect, you’d previously have seen the default error response from our web platform - a white page with some unhelpful red and black text.

It’s never a good idea to share unknown error information publicly, so simply dumping the information to the page wasn’t an option. What we’re doing instead is storing the error information - what, when, where and (if you’re logged in) who - along with a unique identifier that we then display on the error page. Now you can reference that error ID when submitting a ticket to support, which we can use to hopefully understand why the error occurred.

How should I report an error?

When you encounter one of these error pages, there will be a unique ID and a link to the support ticket creation form.

Copy the ID by clicking the copy button, then click on the link. Fill out the ticket normally, but be sure to paste in the ID you received inside the ticket message.

Please try to be descriptive about what you were doing or trying to accomplish when you encountered the error - things like the button or link you clicked, the user or disk you were editing, etc. The ID gives us information on what happened but not why - we need your help for that.

Will this result in fewer errors?

We hope so! The more information we have about how to reproduce an error and what Jungle Disk customers are trying to accomplish when they encounter an error, the higher the chance that we’ll be able to prevent it from occurring or, at the very least, providing more helpful information on how to resolve.

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