Online Disks: Best Practices for Proper Disk Maintenance

Best Practices for Creating Online Disks in the Jungle Disk Software

Whether you are using the Jungle Disk Workgroup or Server software, all of the data stored via Jungle Disk will be stored on what is called an online disk. During the creation process of an online disk, you are given the option to choose your storage provider where the disk will be created. The two choices you have are Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. With Jungle Disk, the price of data storage remains the same whether you use either storage provider which is $0.15 cents per GB. Please keep in mind with each Jungle Disk software license, you get 10GB of storage free.

You can create as many online disks as you find necessary for your needs. You are not charged for creating online disks, rather you are only charged for the data that is stored within the disks. We have a great support guide on how to keep your disks healthy with proper maintenance. This is a valuable guide on how to keep you online disk stable with peak performance. Disk usage also plays an important part with keeping your disk and data manageable. A previous blog post also contains useful information on the best practices to set up your backups and the effects it has on the Network Drive.

Keeping Your Online Disks Healthy

It is always a best practice to periodically check in on your online disks and do some maintenance. Should you just set it up once and forget about it? Absolutely not. Being aware of the amount of data stored on the disk and leaving enough room for the disk to grow is important. This will help you succeed in the long run, speed up the process for backup completion and improve the reliability of the backup. This not only benefits the backups but also the user restores. Well-managed and smaller online disks require less time to restore versus a disk that is well over 500 GB in size. To watch a helpful video guide on how to set up an online disk, go here.

Hopefully this has helped you understand the importance of maintaining healthy online disks. The Jungle Disk support team is always available to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

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