Learning Tricks of the Trade - Importance of Professional Development

For those who have followed my previous blog posts, you know that I’m big on work-life balance and I come from a large corporation outside of the techie world. The latter of which causes me to feel out of place from time to time and thus affects the balance I have at work, but only because it takes me out of my comfort zone. Jungle Disk encourages and supports continuous education and this has served as one of the ways that has helped me to feel more balance at work by challenging me to learn more and think outside of the box. (See, even old dogs can learn new tricks.) So, I’ve set out to find professional development opportunities to sharpen my skills, broaden my horizon, and enhance my capabilities. This will help me to do the best I can at my job thus remaining relevant within the ever-evolving technical climate.

My quest to discover the right professional development opportunity led me to two seminars given by Fred Pryor. One of the seminars was on Finance and Accounting for non-financial people and the other on how to use QuickBooks. Both were engaging and instrumental in gaining a new perspective and helping me on my way to digital independence.

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial People

During the seminar on “Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial People,” I learned about different kinds of accounting equations, different financial statements and how to read and compare them. I also learned about Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which is a collection of commonly-followed accounting rules and standards for financial reporting, different kinds of entries, and budgeting techniques just to name a few. For someone whose background and main job duties is accounting, this was very helpful into gaining a broader perspective of accounting. These are all principles I applied immediately upon returning to work because action breeds confidence and courage.

How to Use QuickBooks

Although I was a senior accountant for a large Fortune 500 company, I never used QuickBooks largely because we had our own internally developed software program. So, I found my next seminar on “How to Use QuickBooks” extremely useful since we use QuickBooks here at Jungle Disk. During the seminar, I learned about the different attributes in the chart of accounts, how to create a customer, and the different kinds of entries that can be made for customers in accounts receivable to include receiving payments and how to enter a vendor in accounts payable to include making payments—all very important tasks to ensuring all our customers’ needs are being met.

As nerdy as this may sound, I’m excited about increasing my knowledge base and enjoying continuing my journey as a lifelong learner. I hope that you will join on this quest of discovery in your chosen career path.

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