Jungle Disk Blog Digest - January Highlights

Hope your year is kicking off on the right foot! As you are likely busy finalizing business plans for the year, be sure to keep your cybersecurity plan high on your priority list. It’s easy to push cybersecurity planning and budgets to the side if you haven’t been a victim of a cybercrime, but cyberattacks are becoming more common and catastrophic as time goes on. Catch up on some of the blog highlights from January to get the latest security tips and best practices.

As you review your business’ data security plans, take a look at our tips for maintaining healthy backups, what you should consider when looking to transition your business to G Suite or Office 365 and benefits of subscription-based IT services. As expected, ransomware is predicted to continue to hit cloud computing in 2018. Learn what you need to look out for and how artificial intelligence is being used for cybercrimes.

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Cheers, The Jungle Disk Team

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