Cloud Backup - How Many Licenses are Enough?

When it comes to Jungle Disk Workgroup licenses, we have some customers that think that one license is sufficient to meet their needs, but this is not always true. For the single user with just two computers this may be a good idea, but when it comes to small to large businesses in which there are multiple people wanting to access your business data, one license is not enough.

Data is one of the most valuable things for your business, which is why business owners should think about protecting it and keeping a close eye on who has access to that data. Protecting access to your data can prevent you from later coming into issues with missing files or unattended files in the incorrect folders. An issue that we, on the Jungle Disk support floor, see every day.

With multiple users, you are able to limit the access to your data as well as protect yourself from malicious incidents. By having multiple separate users, you are also able to grant and take away access to different online disks/network drives in a fast and easy way. You can update passwords and usernames without having to worry about taking away access from all of your users and preventing a successful workday if users have their own personalized login.

You may think that adding individual users is something that isn’t important, but when it comes to the security of your data it is best to be safe than sorry. Before you grant everyone access to your single user information, keep in mind this simple question, “would you want all of your company to have unlimited access to your data?” If not, you should sit down and determine what the best plan of action for your company is. Be sure not put yourself and your data at the mercy of users that may have no business looking at some of your data. Let us know if we can help your business set up multiple users and licenses!

Protect Your Business Data

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