Jungle Disk Control Panel: Common Questions and Features

I have been on the Jungle Disk support team for a little over two years now. I’ve experienced a lot of different troubleshooting situations with customers. Through observation over the last two years, there are still a lot of common customer support calls, chats and tickets created that can easily be taken care of by highlighting features of the Jungle Disk control panel and showing customers the steps for completing a few admin tasks.

Admin Control Panel Features

Updating Credit Card Information

One of the most common customer calls and chats we get is how to update the current credit card on file for their Jungle Disk account. Did you know that the admin for the account can login to their admin control panel at secure.jungledisk.com and easily update the credit card information? It’s that easy, once the admin logs in they just need to click on the “Update Billing Info” icon and are able to update there. If you are not the admin, we have strict policy for verifying the account which usually leads to long calls and frustration. Admins do yourself a favor and get familiar with your Admin Control Panel.

Adding/Removing Licenses

Another admin control panel feature that a lot of admins forget about is how to manage your licenses for your account. Businesses frequently have people leave the company and/or have new hires. The admin has the ability to login to your Jungle Disk account to delete the users licenses or add licenses for new hires.

If you as the admin are looking to add a new license for a new hire, just login to secure.jungledisk.com and once logged in click on the “Add User/Server Licenses” icon. Once on this page, you will be prompted to purchase one of our products and licenses so you can then choose the one you need.

If you have a user leave your business and you have already deleted their user profile, you will still need to cancel their license or else you will be charged the next month for this license. Log into the admin control panel and click on “Manage Active Licenses.” Once on this page, you will see all the licenses that are active and that you are getting charged for. Go to the user license you want to cancel, and then click cancel on the far-right hand side of the page. That’s it, you have now canceled that license.

These are just a couple of the most common administrative questions the support team gets asked on a daily basis. When customers sign up with us, we try our best to send helpful guides or engage with customers after they sign up to make sure they are familiar with the capabilities and features of Jungle Disk and its control panel. We understand people are busy and many times on the go, but remember it’s never too late to learn some of the main functions of Jungle Disk’s control panel and admin features so your account can run smoothly.

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