Jungle Disk Data Security Suite: Maintaining a Healthy Account

As with all businesses, when your company begins to grow so does the responsibility of maintaining its effectiveness; your Jungle Disk account is no different. When first signing up with Jungle Disk, choosing the right services for your business needs will be the first step in determining the right direction you should go in. Jungle Disk caters to small and medium businesses from 2 to 250 employees and is designed to meet your requirements no matter the size. We understand that one product or service may no longer be adequate and we provide versatile products to meet your potential business needs.

Knowing what is most important for your business and the knowledge of our products is a great start. If you require secure local backups with shared network drives, then Jungle Disk encrypted cloud backups will be your best option. Is the focus of your business QuickBooks Online related? Our encrypted cloud backup for Quickbooks Online is the way to go. It ensures you have a safe and separate second copies of your critical financial records. Another popular service that has recently emerged is cloud email archiving. Here at Jungle Disk, we make it a priority to stay ahead of the trends. With cloud email archiving, you can have peace-of-mind knowing your emails are secure. Is your business protected from the ever-growing active threats from ransomware, malware, viruses, bots and the global network of cybercriminals who can disrupt and destroy your business in seconds? Jungle Disk Network Threat Protection helps keep hackers out of your network with cloud firewall protection, safe internet, VPN remote access, and secure WiFi for employees and guests.

Once you’ve identified the combination of products that meets your needs, the next important step is setting it up and managing it to maintain a healthy account. Periodically check on your backups via backup reporting along with following our online disk recommended settings guide for best performance. These tools are essential to ensure your account remains in good condition in the event a disaster occurs on your servers or personal computers. Verify that you are utilizing all of your licenses and services available on your account, allowing you to operate the products to their fullest potential. Additionally, keeping your account information updated with your most recent contact email and billing information will ensure important information (e.g. software updates and policy changes) are successfully communicated to you.

These are just a few small steps to help keeping your account healthy and up-to-date. You can always look to our helpful support guides for further detailed information with walkthroughs and troubleshooting steps. For information regarding our services and what Jungle Disks offers, please visit our site at https://www.jungledisk.com/ or feel free to speak with one of our solutions consultant to request a live demo at 1-888-601-0401.

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