It’s Almost Tax Day: Protect Your Financial Data

It’s almost tax day, Tuesday, April 17th, to anyone not in the know. And at Jungle Disk, we have been reflecting on what has been an exciting year for us. This year, we completed our first two acquisitions, SafetyNet and TeamPassword, and we also enhanced our wider managed services with our support for Office 365 and G Suite platforms. The team has also expanded with myself and three others joining since summer of last year. It’s been an exciting time down here in San Antonio.

While 2017 was great, we want to make sure that 2018 is an even better year for our customers as we continue to integrate both SafetyNet and TeamPassword. We know that we serve a lot of accounting and financial focused customers and we acquired SafetyNet to better assist them. Historically, many of our customers both small businesses and CPA firms have used Jungle Disk to backup their Quickbooks desktop editions, but we have also seen how this need has changed over time with the growing demand for cloud services. We are excited to add SafetyNet to our data security suite to enable customers to backup their QuickBooks Online data directly from the cloud. This is our first cloud to cloud backup product.

We have always felt that offering a full data security suite including cloud backup, network protection, email arching and password management benefits our customers giving them we peace-of-mind that their business’s data is security. SafetyNet really added to that by facilitating our second QuickBooks backup service. As we continue to grow and look at how we can develop and enhance our product suite, the acquisition of TeamPassword (which we acquired back in February comes in) made sense. TeamPassword allows companies to share logins securely, safely ensuring ease-of-use of multiple accounts. For a CPA firm managing multiple Quickbooks accounts, this is a game changer product, ensuring maximum security while also boosting efficiency and firmly controlling access to clients’ data. Our teams settings enable companies to give different teams of users varying access to different sets of logins, so for a small CPA firm you can quickly assign your people to the accounts they need while ensuring that all accounts are secured and backed up both on SafetyNet for Quickbooks Online and Jungle Disk Backup for Quickbooks Desktop. Using Jungle Disk’s email archiving technology clients can also be rest assured that they have protection for their most important communications, securing them around the clock. Finally, our network protection product secures your networks to mitigate attacks.

Last year, was a year where unfortunately hacking has made it into the news a great deal from the Wannacry ransomware attack to the Equifax data breach. At Jungle Disk, we’re really proud of the work we have been doing to protect our clients wherever they are. As our accounting clients work their way through the busiest time of their year, we look forward to integrating our platform to offer enhanced services throughout this year.

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