Evaluating Data Security Products and Services: Best Value vs Lowest Price

When I shop for a product or service I usually don’t go with the cheapest option because quality matters more to me than quantity. That essentially means I prefer to have the best or perceived best of something rather than a lot of cheap or less valuable versions. When looking for a data security service for all your important business data, I’d recommend evaluating the quality of service in all aspects versus solely price. While getting a great deal is important, you shouldn’t focus solely on getting the lowest price. Rather, focus on getting a fair price for the best value.

With data backup, especially, too much data and it’s previous versions can be better than too few. Now, that’s not to say you should backup every single thing on your computer. When choosing what to backup, you’ll want to choose the files/data that could be lost forever should an accident or cyberattack causing data loss occur. There’s no need to backup software on your computer because that can be reinstalled to a new computer. The more you store the more you pay so Jungle Disk has a wonderful and often overlooked feature called “backup retention.” The retention policy dictates how long a previous version of the data being backed up is kept as well as how many copies are stored. You can configure this for each computer/server you have backing up to Jungle Disk. You can make them all the same or make them different depending on the data set. Many of our customers are under certain regulations to keep their data for a certain amount of time and need to adjust their setting appropriately to meet compliance requirements.

Jungle Disk also offers a way to protect your network from threats and attacks. All of our network protection plans provide cloud firewall protection, safe Internet, VPN remote access, and secure WiFi for employees and guests. Spending money to ensure hackers don’t get access to your personal information, your customers information or your intellectual property is worth it. Many businesses that experience an attack don’t recover from it.

Like the Internet, what else do you use everyday? Email, right? With Jungle Disk Email Archiving, you store a safe copy of every sent and received message for all or some of your employees. With our eDiscovery and regulatory compliant search capabilities, you’ll be able to quickly find the emails needed for legal matters, audits, and to keep your business going in the event of accidental deletion or hacker attack.

My goal as an employee of Jungle Disk is to help people and businesses protect data that is important to them. Anything from family photos and videos to files that are critical to your business. In addition to that, our team is passionate about providing products that are reliable, fast, secure, and stable, backed by a team of folks who provide an excellent level of customer support. For those which value all that, I hope you’d consider Jungle Disk for yourself or recommend it to a friend or family member.

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