Cloud Storage Drive Backup: A Secure Copy of Cloud Storage

Individuals and companies are moving to the cloud for all their storage needs to have a centralized location for all their data and for the ease of accessibility across multiple workstations and/or team members.

It’s amazing that we have this ability to bring workers together and have a system in place for accessing files. No longer do you have to use space on your computer to store files with having multiple copies of the same information in multiple locations and also having the risk of losing the files. However, just because the data is stored in the cloud (For example, many businesses use OneDrive or Google Drive) you are still at risk of that data being deleted or compromised.

Another advantage of using cloud storage is similar to a NAS that you can take anywhere. With OneDrive, Google Drive and Jungle Disk’s Network Drive, you have the ability to log into that cloud storage via a browser from almost anywhere. You can edit documents from there and have the changes saved automatically. Many individuals, however, prefer the ability to have access to the file on their computer, such as a drive. With Jungle Disk’s Network Drive, you are able to accommodate those individuals that need this functionality. Microsoft and Google also saw individuals and companies that prefer this method and have developed ways that you can connect to your online drives via file explorer. This will give you access to all your files online but seem like they are on your computer. This is great but you are still at risk of data being deleted or compromised.

We always recommend that you backup Google Drive and OneDrive with a cloud backup solution like Jungle Disk Encrypted Backup. We have a blog posts that gives you instructions on how to backup each of these solutions. You will need to set up a sync to where the data is actually pushed down to your computer and in turn takes up that space that you were trying to save in the first place. This is fine if you do not have that much data you are looking to backup but not ideal if it will eat at the space available on your computer. This is something that we at Jungle Disk saw as a pain point and wanted to find a way to help fix this if we can. In regards to the Google Drive File Stream option, we were able to figure out a way to backup your online drive!

We tested and tried many different ways to try to get this done and were able to find the steps on how to backup files that are not Google native in Google Drive. The steps outlined show how to configure it to where you can backup your Google Drive but because of the way Google Docs work, it will not back those up unless you are syncing those types of items down to your computer. This was a great find on our end and customers are already taking advantage of this to help keep their data safe. We recommend that you set this up and if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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