Journey at Jungle Disk: Value of Data Security

Since my journey started here at Jungle Disk, I have made a lot of progress. I have learned how to operate a Mac as opposed to a Windows computer system and am still learning new ways to navigate and do things using a Mac which is very different than using Windows for sure. Almost, everything is different on a Mac to include the entire operating system, commands, shortcuts, how to access programs and security to name a few examples.

I have learned the importance and value of data security. In a previous post, I did not know what phishing was and was almost a victim, however, now I am much more aware of what to look for so don’t open suspicious emails, unverified websites or data files. Also, as part of security it is important to use a firewall, set strong passwords and do your updates, as well as backing up your data, of course.

As far as work-life-balance, I have gotten better at balancing my work life and am still improving on accomplishing and setting goals. I have brought about some improvements in my work-life balance by setting a daily routine for my job duties, managing my time better and multi-tasking. As far as making time for myself, I seem to have gone in reverse. I have not been to the gym yet this year, which was making me feel good and helping me get into shape. This year, one of my goals is to go back to the gym and work on having more me time.

Backing up your data, I have found is of the utmost importance for various reasons such as a computer crash, virus infection, hard drive failure, physical computer damage and theft of your computer. It is better to have an offsite backup as well as an onsite backup, and these days cloud backup is the way to go. Although, many people are still using flash drives. For many businesses, failure to backup company data can be the difference between remaining in business or going out of business. The three most important B’s of business are “Backup, Backup, Backup.” The ability to restore data is imperative to any business or personal endeavor, because data is the heart of any enterprise.

Touching on my last blog in setting my own personal development plan, I considered the following: defining goals, prioritizing, setting deadlines, understanding strengths, recognizing opportunities, developing new skills, taking action, getting support, and measuring progress. I had attended a few seminars and look forward to going to more to continue to learn more.

I encourage you to check out my previous blog posts that I mention above and please reach out if Jungle Disk can ever help your business keep its critical data safe from accidents and attacks.

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