The New Gmail: Top Features You Need to Know About

It’s been 14 years since Google first launched Gmail in April 1, 2004 and with over 1.4 billion active users. On April 25, 2018, Google announced a major Gmail update adding new features and enhancing the user experience. Here are some of the key updates which should help improve functionality and security.

New Confidential Mode

This feature will give senders the flexibility to set their emails to expire with designated time or you can revoke access at any time even after an email has been sent. Confidential emails can also be set so that recipient cannot forward, copy or even print the email. (Note that recipients can still screen shot or take photo from their smartphone.) One of the most important features at least for me personally is the ability for a sender to enable 2 Factor Authentication for a single email so that the recipient would need to enter the private passcode that would have been sent to them by SMS. (Confidential mode will work for both Gmail and non-Gmail users)

Email Snooze Mode

Snooze mode will give senders more flexibility, which also leads to better organization of time as to when to answer email based on level of importance. For example, you can snooze an email that needs more of your time and that email will hide from your inbox, and then show up again on the time that you have chosen. This feature will hopefully enable users to better prioritize their time.

Active Unsubscribe

This feature will proactively “ask” you to unsubscribe to specific lists such as newsletters that you typically don’t read.

Anti-Phishing Enhancements

There is existing anti-phishing functionalities in Gmail that gives warnings to users of phishing attempts. With the new enhanced feature, if you were to receive an email that appears to be from one of your contacts, but sent from an unfamiliar email address, Gmail will flag that to you.

Gmail Task

The enhanced sidebar allows users better access to other G Suite apps such as Google Calendar, Google Task and also 3rd party apps such as Dialpad, DocuSign, etc.

Native Offline Mode

Most Gmail users already use the Chrome extension that allows offline functionality within Gmail, but with this new feature it’s now a part of Gmail. With this capability, users will be able to read, archive and even reply to emails while they’re offline.

Please note that as of today, some of these features mentioned above may not be available immediately. The features that are available at time of launch are: snooze email, smart reply, and Gmail Task (G Suite Side panel.) Also, quick reminder, your Google Administrator will need to go into the Google console and opt-in to the new Gmail. Gmail users can click on Settings icon (Gmail) which is at top-right corner and select “Try the new Gmail” option, if available. To see Gmail’s official rundown of these new features, check out their blog here. Enjoy the new and improved Gmail!

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