Keeping Track of Your Passwords

Having different high-level passwords is something that is crucial when it comes to keeping your accounts secure as well as your identity. Yet, many people are set off by the idea of having to remember 20 different character combinations just for one account. This is why investing in a password management tool such as TeamPassword is something that your business should consider. A password management tool can help with managing the different passwords for all of your accounts and also generate secure passwords for you so you aren’t using the same one to access your social media accounts as well as your bank account.

More times than none, we have customers calling in because they have forgotten their account password or the person that was in charge of the account has left their company. With a password management tool, you can forget about the sticky notes and the spreadsheets that contain all of your passwords stored on them. You can make sure that you will have random passwords created that will keep your data secure, you will also have the liberty of sharing your passwords amongst your multiple devices without having to question if you are using the correct password or not. You can have the peace-of-mind that you are creating a secure 20-character password without stressing about remembering every exact character that goes into it.

Your business and personal data are very important, so don’t rely on a sticky note that you leave stuck to your computer to determine who can connect to your accounts. Take a stand against password thieves and invest in a password manager to keep track of your passwords and make your life easier.

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