Cyber Talk Radio: Proximity Security

Bret Piatt, CTR Host and Bill Alderson, HopZero CTO - Week 85 of Cyber Talk Radio

Show Summary

This past Saturday, May 12, episode 85 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I was joined by Bill Alderson, CTO at HopZero, to discuss proximity security.

Opening segment: What is IP hop count and how can it help secure my data?

We start off the segment with getting some background on Bill, his past experience working with the military and how he got into cybersecurity. In today’s increasingly digital world, hackers are exfiltrating more and more data for malicious use. This is why, Bill and the team at HopZero are creating Hopsphere. Do you know how packets move across the Internet? Hopsphere Radius Security is a new category of security product that HopZero is creating using data lifespan to create a secure radius for data on the network. Hopzero offers a protocol level security solution vs. traditional application or hardware tools. To explain the technology and how hops work, I give a quick example story about a device connecting to the Internet and going through hops to connect to a website. Is it possible to control how many hops you go through? No. There are millions of routers out there so you will likely go through several hops. Actually, Oracle databases go through about an average of 255 hops. This sounds like a simple idea, why hasn’t someone already created a security product like this? Instead of trying to keep the bad actors out, Hopzero provides security at the TCP/IP network layer, taking advantage of protocol rules to limit how far data packets can travel, ensuring sensitive data is protected.

Second half: RSA Conference 2018 recap

In the second half of the show, Bill gives us a recap of the RSA Conference that recently took place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco with thousands of attendees talking about cybersecurity. RSA is a great place to better understand the security industry, new trends, products and more. Bill tells us about a few of his favorite new and interesting products that he saw at the trade show. Blockchain was one of the hot topics at the conference and is an area with a lot of innovation around it. Radia Perlman just wrote a white paper, “Blockchain: Hype or Hope?” The paper talks through what the technology is and that it is actually not a perfect application for every kind of use, although it does work well with Bitcoin. Hopping (pun intended) back to protecting your security perimeter, did you know it takes an average of over 250 days for most businesses to identify that they have been infiltrated by a bad actor. Ransomware is now lowering the average number of days it takes to identify a compromise since you are notified on day one of the ransom. Bad actors are getting more sophisticated with social engineering tactics and spear phishing. It is making it even more difficult to identify whether an email is real or malicious. Listen to the episode replay to learn more about how you can leverage HopZero to better protect your business or watch below. How many hops from here does it take to get to

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