Jungle Disk + Triniterns: From Suits & Ties to Chatting with AI

As the spring, and final, semester of my junior year at Trinity University comes to a close, I found myself exhausted but excited for what was approaching in the next week. As someone who is determined to have a plan for her life and follow through with it, I have been searching for internships and job opportunities that enhance my skills. As I weighed my options and searched through many opportunities this year, I knew that my best experience would be a variation of one that I already experienced.

Last summer of 2017, I signed on with a small program facilitated through the Trinity University Entrepreneurship program called Students + Startups. As I am an entrepreneurship and finance student at Trinity, and the program offered a paid internship for any major at any age in the university, I felt that it was a great opportunity for me. I was placed with Codeup last summer, which taught me excellent professional and technical skills to facilitate the pursuance of my career goals.

Those skills that I learned were vital to how I have developed as a person and how I have developed professionally. I knew that I could do more for the startup community and that it could teach me more as well. I applied again and was happily placed with the amazing team at Jungle Disk. Upon my first day though, I learned that I would be pushing my limits and challenging myself by traveling back to my roots in coding. My goal for the summer will be building out a new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for the support system using the Google system Dialog Flow.

Though I am looking forward to improving my skills in coding, I am slightly apprehensive. I have not been the quickest study when it comes to computer languages and programming. I do look forward to the challenge though, as it seems to be a pattern that I succeed when a challenge is presented to me. Building this bot with my peers is looking to be a challenging, but exciting, time and I look forward to the future. I also am looking forward to my future conversations with Mike DeFelice, as he supervises my work and seems passionate about teaching me the things I want to learn. I am interested in learning Python to facilitate my ability to run financial analytics for Jungle Disk and my future endeavors, and Mike has happily stated he would love to sit down and teach me how.

The team at Jungle Disk has been excited and encouraging in the few days that I have been an intern and I am excited to learn and help them grow.

Here’s to good luck for the summer!

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