Cloud Backup Management 101: Basic Steps to Managing Backups

One of the biggest mistakes when backing up data is to set it and forget it. When is the last time you have checked your Jungle Disk usage? Have you checked your backup reports to see if any backups have failed or if they are even running at all? Here are some basic steps to managing your backups and tips for what you can do to keep yourself informed about your data.

Who’s the boss?

Know your admin! The administrator for your account has access to the control panel where you can create and manage users, online disks and permissions. In most cases, an office will designate an IT person or the “office techie” for this role. This should also be the person whose email is associated with the account. All backup reporting and important emails from Jungle Disk will be emailed to the admin email on file. This is the email you use to sign into the control panel with.

Note: You can also setup a secondary email contact for billing purposes if needed.

Read your reports

So now that you know your admin, what can they do to ensure your data is safe and secure? First thing you’ll want to do is make sure that your backups are indeed running. The easiest way to do this is to enable your backup reports in Jungle Disk. If you are unsure on how to do so, follow this guide. Enabling your backup reports will allow you to have those reports sent to your email inbox (the admin email for your account). This is the best way to keep a daily track of what backups were run and if they were successful.

Not keeping track of your data could lead to growing pains

It’s always best to start managing your backups from their creation. Knowing what directories and files are set to backup and following our best practices as much as possible. I would also recommend creating an online disk for each computer, and creating multiple disks for machines backing up more than 500 GB. Remember when selecting what to backup, you will want to leave some room to grow since your backups will also include previous versions.

One of the main topics we see in our support calls is due to an increase of usage on an online disk, which in turn leads to an increase in your invoice. Make sure all the data you need backed up is necessary. Usually this increase is due to a directory being created within another directory that was set to backup. You can run usage reports from the control panel for the disk in question to see when there was a jump in usage. Once you have a date of the usage increase, you can check the detailed backup reports to see what files uploaded that day.

Testing your restore

If you’re ever in doubt about what is being backed up, you can alway run a test restore. The restore files window is the only area within the Jungle Disk software to view inside your Backup Vault. This will not allow you to open any of the files until a restore takes place, but if you need reassurance that a file has backed up or that you have a older version of that file, this will be the place you want to check. Keep in mind that if you do restore a previous version of a file, you may want to restore that file to a different location (other than the original location) to avoid overwriting a current version.

Support is always here

Don’t worry, if you are still having issues with your backups or account our excellent support team is alway here to help. Feel free to call or chat in with us any time!

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